Ruche Bridal          

Ruche Shop 是由Mai Olivo & Joch Olivo 這一對夫妻所創立的
後來由於採購的商品越來越受歡迎於是夫妻倆開始將原來的工作辭了一起經營Ruche Shop
           Through trial and error along with inspirations we have collected through
           the years, we molded Ruche into what it is today —
           a vintage inspired boutique with a modern touch. Ruche is a collaboration
           of everything that has inspired us from fashion, photography, design, and lifestyle 










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One Thought on “Ruche Bridal

  1. 護花使者 on 2012-10-22 at 15:33:00 said:

    真是 ~~ 美不勝收阿!!
    [版主回覆12/25/2012 20:43:42]是壓!!…真的是學習的好資料!!


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